Most Important Mission in Life!

Welcome to the mission in life!

Hello and welcome to the most important mission in your life. When you ask a random person (be it your friend, family member or acquaintance), most likely they will give you a blank stare! Most people have no goals in life, and its not their fault if they haven’t taught to have goals in life.

School and colleges in the country do not teach this important life skill. People spend more time planning their weekend than planning their life! Eighty percent (yes 80%) of folks put a lot of time and effort planning for the long weekend and their Christmas break than giving a thought to what they want to accomplish in life. Have you ever thought why that is?

In our new blog series, every week we will take one category of our life and spend a few minutes establishing goals . And the cumulative goals become our mission in life!

Our life can be broken into various categories?? Yes indeed. Below are some of the ways we can divide our life into in order to figure out what we want to accomplish.

1) Health – most important . After all, who wants to be the richest man in the graveyard? You could have all the wealth, the family, the relationships and toys in life, but if your health is not good enough to enjoy these good things in life, what good is its?

2)Wealth – when I say wealth, i do not mean a million dollars (though I am sure having a million dollars in your bank account will surely help :). I mean basic income to take care of your basic needs like shelter, food, clothing and education. Did I mention taxes?? Make sure you allocate some portion of your income to uncle Sam.

3) Relationships – a wise man once said that the only thing that brings happiness to our lives is the quality of the relationships we have with other people. Think about it! I am sure you know people who lead happy lives even though they may not have enough money, and invariably its because their relationship with their spouse, kids and family and friends is good.

4) Spiritual – ok I understand this is a sensitive subject for some people . But honestly whethr you believe in God or not and whether your God is Jesus or Buddha or some other , all I am saying is you should have some sort of connection with your higher self (or God, or Almighty or whatever term you use). Inner peace is obtained by having a strong connection with your spiritual guide.

Ok, we can break our lives into many other categories , but these are the main categories in my opinion. Next week we will delve deep into the 1st category – Health  – and see how we can realize what is the best way to set goals in that area and most importantly create a gameplan to achieve this. Just to give you a glimpse into what we will cover, we will spell out in detail various methods to set goals and recommend good books and even services and products in that area so you can go and do some more research before deciding on your path. For example we may refer you a personal trainer in Detroit Michigan if you live in Detroit or refer couple of good books on alkalizing your body for better health.

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If you look at the life of any successful person, you will see that somewhere in his or her life, they set a goal and decided to achieve it. Success in any area is a planned event. You will never be walking on the street and have a million dollars attack you , or wake up one day and find a million dollars on your bed. Its always a result of meticulous planning and work.

Here is an article on goals is a great article on goal setting. Universities are now coming up with courses on goal setting.